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What are Bummlies?

The Bummlies are my line of Stuffing-Free Dog Toys for you to enjoy!

Bummlies are Stuffed with LOVE ~ No Fluff!

Their motto is... "Bummlies make playtime FUN time!"

Meet Colton

He loves to play tug of war, hide and go seek and slurp down whole apple pies at snack time!
He is a great snuggler and cannot wait to come home with you!


Bummlies are very durable, but if they are opened by your 4 footed kid, they will not leave stuffing everywhere since they are safely stuffed with a terry cloth towel section that is one solid, safe piece that makes your Bummlie even more huggable!

There are NO squeakers inside for your dogs to accidentally swallow.

They are approximately 10" high from tip of ears to toes and 8 " across from paw to paw.


The Bummlies have traveled all over the world and are reporting back their adventures with all of new families!
They now have their very own Gallery!

Visit to see all of the LOVE, FUN & JOY they are creating and sharing with you!

Colton ~ The Corgi Bummlie ~ Stuffing Free Dog Toy

SKU: Colton
    • Fleece
    • 100% Cotton Terry Cloth
  • Machine Wash & Dry

    Your Bummlie will become softer in look and feel after washing.

    Tip:  If the solid terry cloth insert moves around during the wash process, after taking him or her out of the dryer, just hold his little feet & pound his head on a hard surface (like the kitchen counter) & then hold his head and repeat.

    As a final step, karate chop him up and down from head to toe until the insert flattens down a bit.

    Don't worry, your Bummlie will not feel a thing and this will help move the terry cloth insert back into its proper spots. :)

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