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Barkclava Hats

My Pug Notes Barkclava Hats are handmade to order in your 3 favorite colors!

They are designed to comfortably fit dogs from 5 - 28 lbs

Unlike my Sweater Vests & Woofie Warmers, I do not carry any in stock.

Each one is handmade to order.

   How To Order   

Please Read...

Each Barkclava Hat is designed & hand crocheted by me in your choice of colors.

They are designed to fit most small breeds that range in weight from approx. 5 -28 lbs that are comfortable with NOT having holes for their ears to pop out of the hats.

You get to choose any 3 colors you want!

Sizing is super simple!

After adding your Barkclava hat(s) to your shopping cart, just click the "Special Instructions" link in the shopping cart & answer the 4 questions below in the box provided & I will know what size to make for your dog.

When making your Barkclava Hat, I just need to know your dog's ...

  1. Breed

  2. Weight

  3. Neck Circumference measured in inches

  4. Your 3 color choices for the: 

                         Hat  =

                         Trim color around the bobble =

                          Bobble =

Please Do Not choose just 2 colors - See Photo 2 within the Barkclava Hat listing,

For example, when ordering please use the comments box to include

Hat = Pink

Trim around the bobble = Berry

Bobble = White


** Unfortunately, without this sizing & color information, I will not be able to start your project & this will cause a delay in receiving your custom order.

To place your custom Barkclava Hat order, please click here or on the Custom Barkclava Hat listing below.

Sizing is easy...

All you need to know is your dog's approximate weight & his neck/collar size.

(The neck size = the circumference of the neck measured in inches.)


(The collar size = the length of your dogs open collar if he/she wears one.)

I am excited to make yours for you!

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