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The Bummlies

Dog Toys Stuffed with LOVE ~ No Fluff!

Stuffing-Free Dog Toys

What are Bummlies?

Bummlies are my line of Stuffing-Free Dog Toys for you to enjoy!

FUN Fact: 😀 Every Bummlie has an upside-down heart on his or her “Bum”.

Born out my love for my pug, Archie, I created my Bummlies to provide soft, safe & durable dog toys for dogs of all ages to play & cuddle with.

I hand cut, machine sew & hand embroider every detail with love in every stitch.

Each Bummlie has his or her own name & personality! There are 100's to choose from!

Bummlies are very durable, but if they are opened by your 4 footed kid, they will not leave stuffing everywhere since they are stuffed with a terry cloth insert that is one solid, safe piece that makes your Bummlie even more huggable!

There are NO squeakers or polyfill inside for your dogs to accidentally swallow.

Bummlies are machine washable & measure approximately 10" high from tip of ears to toes and 8" across from paw to paw.

They cannot wait to play with you! 
You can meet and adopt your favorite Bummlies in the adoption gallery below...

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