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Sweater Vests

Handmade with LOVE in Every Stitch!

Choosing the correct size Sweater Vest for your dog is EASY!

No measurements are needed!

All you need to know is the weight of your dog.


Please use the size chart below to choose the correct size for your dog:

XXS : 3-5 lbs (approx)
XS:  6-9 lbs (approx)
S : 12-17 lbs (approx)
M : 18-25 lbs (approx)
M+ : 26-35 lbs (approx)

* If your dog is right at the upper edge of the size/weight chart, please feel comfortable ordering a size up.

Please Read...

   How To Order 

If you see a Sweater Vest you like that is currently Out of Stock...

The answer is YES, you can absolutely have one made just for you!

Important:  I try to keep an inventory of ready-made Sweater Vests in the shop, but during high volume times of the year, it is not always possible to do so.

Because of this, it may appear that I am "Out of Stock" of many color combinations or sizes, BUT you are ALWAYS welcome to order your Sweater Vests as Custom orders. Please read below for simple instructions...

To view the current selection of "In Stock" Sweater Vests by size, use the "Filter by" menu at the left side of your desktop or "Filter" button on your mobile device.

Click on your favorite Sweater Vests to add them to your cart.


When choosing your Sweater Vest, if there is a color combo shown in the shop that is either ...

  • "Out of Stock" & you would like it remade for you

  • NOT in the size you need

  • or you would like to create your "own color combo"


Choose the "Custom Sweater Vest" listing in the size you require ~  XXS,   XS,   S,   M or M+

  • Write the Color Combo (ex."Pink Lemonade") or

  • Write the colors you would like for the Body / Bobbles / Collar (ex. Pink Body / White Bobbles / Yellow Collar)

in the "Special Instructions" box on the Cart Page at checkout & I will know just what to make for you. 

   Extras :   

  1. Add-On a little extra FUN to any "In Stock" or "Custom" Sweater Vest with any of my handmade Add-On Badges!

  2. For "Custom Sweater Vests" only:  If you would like your "Custom Sweater Vest" to be the length of a traditional sweater,  you may add 3 extra inches to your order & I will be happy to make it longer for you.

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