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International Orders

International Orders are Welcome! 

Pug Notes processes orders through 2 shopping cart systems.

At this time, they handle international orders differently.

Do not worry, you can still order these items with a slightly different process...

To place an order for my books, gift wrap & stationery items outside the USA: 

Please email me with:

  1. A detailed list of what you would like to order, and

  2. The international address of where the item(s) will be shipped.

I will contact you promptly with a quote that includes the shipping charge and an invoice so that you may complete your order.

All orders are confirmed by email and shipped promptly.


Please know that if you are combining items in your order that are processed through both shopping carts that if placed at the same time, your items will be combined into one order with an adjusted & accurate shipping charge.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

Outside the US & Canada call 1-303-661-9139

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