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** Important Note: 

You are purchasing the Sweater Vest in the exact COLOR and SIZE shown. 

Size: M

Color combo:
Variegated Navy, Aqua, Turquoise  body / Aqua bobbles / Aqua collar


Please use the size/weight chart below to choose the correct size for your dog:

XXS : 3-5 lbs (approx)
XS:  6-9 lbs (approx)
S :  12-17 lbs (approx)
M : 18-25 lbs (approx)
M+ : 26-35 lbs (approx)


General information about the Dog Sweater Vests:

*** Please note:  This is a Sweater Vest and NOT your average full length sweater that touches his/her tail.

The sweater vests are designed to keep your dog warm and comfortable and will not interfere with him sending Pee-Mail messages to all of his friends. 


Looking for a different color combo or size?

I would love to make it for you!

It is EASY!

  1. Choose the correct size custom listing from the list below.
  2. Folllow the instructions in the listing's desciption area to choose your favorite color combination.

Size M - Dog Sweater Vest - Poolside Paradise

SKU: Poolside Paradise
  • Machine gentle or hand wash ~ Lay flat to dry

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