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** Important Note:  

You are purchasing the Woofie Warmer in the exact COLOR and SIZE shown, however because of the variegated yarn used in the Bobbles, your Bobbles may have a different ratio of colors in them than the ones shown.

Size: M

Color combo:
Double Chocolate BrownTwist collar / Oatmeal Beige Tweed trim / Varigated Blue, Red, Warm Beige & Brown bobbles 


Choosing the correct size Woofie Warmer for your dog is EASY!

Please use the sizing chart below to choose the correct size for your dog:
S : Collar 8"-12"  -  Weight 5-11 lbs (approx)
M : Collar 12"-16"  -  Weight 12-35 lbs (approx)
L : Collar 17"- 25"  -  Weight 35-85 lbs (approx)


Looking for a different color combo or size?

I would love to make it for you!

It is EASY!

  1. Choose the Custom Woofie Warmer listing
  2. Folllow the instructions in the listing's desciption area to choose your favorite color combination.

Size M - Woofie Warmer - Warm Berry Baked Oatmeal

SKU: WW- Warm Berry Baked Oatmeal
  • Personalize your Woofie Warmer with an Add-on Badge!

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